Trans Crete – Part I – english

Surprisingly, our team received the invitation to a special experience: participating in a 6-day mountain bike tour of Eastern Crete under the guiding of the FREAK MOUNTAINBIKE CENTER basesd in Paleikastro. After a few organizational issues, the time had come: I was there. But who was this troupe that would go on a pilot trip with e-bikes through Eastern Crete? A little introduction:


 Bikeguide, owner and founder of FREAK MOUNTAINBIKE CENTER with hismost loving sentence in any situation“No Stressing!”, Jan invited one mtb rider from girlsridetoo to this pilot trip on an e-bike to eastern crete. Finds a solution in any situation and takes us to places not many tourists will ever discover


The man with the eye for the „WoW moment“, our photographer and link between GIRLSRIDETOO and Jan, a photographer who shoots the perfect pictures with just a few clicks despite movement of a sportsactino and is always on the hunt for a new photo spot


Always finds the best spot for sunbathing and mtb rider with humor, fun, heart and soul. Tests by far the most fancy way the efficiency of an e-bike battery by the motto of an engineer


When it comes to most taken photos, Edvard rivals Jeroen, Edvard has fun and time for photos in any life situations, only the coffee must never be missing


Hardworking bee and organizing talent for biscuits, bananas, good heartwarming mood and responsible, that in the evening the suitcases are also where we are and need them. Wonderful sister of Jan


Endurance is his strength, the e-motor has built Hans in the legs, without Hans our luggage would sometimes not end at our destination so he had been a great support for Susan.


Endurance is also here program, without the battery Eric cycles easily next to the others who use battery and accompanied our group on the last stages


(accordeing to Jeroen) The lady with a diesel engine in her legs, always smiling and enthusiastically taking in new experiences. She has a strong mind but offers a listening ear to others, too. Creative in finding photo spots – photo sessions are usually “quickly taken for the foto box” which means that photos are shot quickly with her

The stages lead us from the northern / eastern coast over routes by the sea to the southern part of Crete, on to Zaros in the middle of the country. We pedal different lengths every day, between 700 altitude meter and almost 1700 altitude meter. The goal ifor us is to find out how the offered “Trans Crete Tour” by FREAK MTB CENTER is possible to cycle with e-bikes. For me it is especially important if the tour is a recommendation for women – be it the length of the tours, the choice of routes, as well as the technical claim. In the upcoming entries, it will not be primarily about the route description, rather than about our experiences, efforts and adventures. Just in advance that it is already said: Crete is worth a bike ride!

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